CHAD ROSSOUW The Planet’s Wake

24 July - 30 August
Press release

This is the Last True Thing

Dr DF Malan Was Here



Celestial Message

Ruins are Quarries

The Blombos Dragon Bone


The Angel of History (after Lovecraft, after Benjamin)

All Rulers Lie Hidden in Darkness and Gather Land to Devour (After Tolkien)

Light is the Left Hand of Darkness (After Le Guin)

Past the Sovereign Galaxies (after Hoban)

He Has accused Himself (After Dante)

The Victims Have Been Put To Death (After the Phaistos Disc)

The Amersfoort, with a Cargo of Slaves, Arrives at Table Bay

Autshumao Escapes From Robben Island

Gonnema Surrenders at the Castle of Good Hope

Parklands: Hopley Road

Parklands: Fairview Cresent

Parklands: Richwood Avenue

Parklands: Erica Street

Parklands: Lobelia Road


Bougain Villas

Waterstone Isles

Winter is Coming

Nimrod’s Son

The Future 1-4


Installation view

Installation view

Installation view